Shadowrun Seattle By Night

Dog Day Night

It was a dark and stormy night. Well, it was a wet and dreary afternoon. Hitch is contacted by a fixer called Wells, who says he has heard of the group and wants to use them to fulfil a hire he has.

This leads the party to the South Settle Hilton. Room 1204. In the room they meet Mr White and his entourage. He explains that there is a truck coming and he wants the contents destroyed.

This leads to a pursuit of a large black truck, marked with a sun/pestle motif belonging to Sun Alchemy.

the party organise to blow up the SUV escort and wire trap the trailer of the truck.

They had a plan. It did not go according to plan.

When Galahad attempted to place a bomb on the lead SUV, he nearly failed, he had to dodge off to avoid his own explosion. The explosion was highly effective, the lead car was instantly detonated into a barrel roll torpedo. To avoid the attack the truck dodged, at teh party nearly wiping out their van in the process, and deployed weapons.

Pulling in behind the truck, the party saw a second unmarked support vehicle. Sparks was quick to take out that driver with his shotgun.

Hitch opened fire on the truck’s rear doors, blowing them open with a hail of minigun fire.
The doors swung open, revealing the cargo to be destroyed. The party were told it was something to boost soldiers.

What they saw was a pair of full sized werewolves in linear frame armour.

Spectre brought up a Fire elemental which attacked the second pair of wolves in the back of the truck. The first pair launched themselves at the Van. One smashing through teh windscreen the other landing on the roof.

A hail of gunfire and spells ensued. Galahad managed to fire at the wolf on the roof, quickly disabling it. The others managed to spell and gun the other down. Both reverting to natural form before dropping to the road.

Galahad tried to board the truck to take out the driver, failed, falling off his bike at speed for his trouble.

The Battle over, the party attacked the truck. Seeing that he was still under attack, the Rigger driving the truck ejected the trailer to attack the party. Narrowly avoiding the worst of the damage, the party dodge the rolling trailer and screech to a halt.



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