Shadowrun Seattle By Night

In Media Res

Shit hitting the fan 101

This game began with a bang.
A missile strikes the road, sending the car the crew have careening off the road into a high end dress shop. Assassins trying to get the group’s principle.

Skipping all that intro stuff, 4 strangers came together to do a job and knowing only the barest essentials about each other were forced to work together. As imagined this had limited success.

The purpose of this was to create an example by which 4 people who did not know the rules were able to engage in an up front combat situation to learn by doing.

The encounter went well and the party escaped using their diverse range of skills.

Next week, proper introductions.

As the game goes on. players are encouraged to come here and add their own perspectives to the Adventure logs.


Sandy’s bar, of all places, how did I end up here…
Oh yeah, that’s right, I needed to eat. And to eat you need money. So I took a job, a fracked one but a job none the less.
By the looks of things the other three choombas id been teamed with had been in the same boat.
Of course the escort job went south.
Of course we got hit, and of course everyone pretty much did their own thing.
What did we expect, never worked together and no one new jack about anyone.
But we made it, got the mark out in one piece and here we are…
At sandy’s place, waiting to hear what’s on offer next…
I picked the wrong week to give up coffee…

In Media Res

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