Oliver Spectre

Meta-Human Penultimate Fizz Bang Type


Oliver comes in a six foot even in height with a slight athletic build.
The black suit pants, shoes, white shirt and black tie are crumpled but clean, coupled with the the armoured tan long coat you could pick him for a private detective by mistake.
When talked too, arrogance comes across readily as does his well educated history.
In mannerisms he is cool, calm and charismatic, though his attire does not match the way in which he carries himself.


1. Oliver Spectre
2. Counter Magic, Spirit Defence and Attitude Adjustment
3. See picture, local boy
4. Theme Song. “Walking with a Ghost”
5. None caried
6. Arrogant
7. Suits
8. People who don’t get it
9. City, rich, influential
10. Contract went south, people died
11. Groomed at early age
12. Clear debt by favours
13. Golden rule, have the gold make the rules
14. Pawns and ground chuck waiting to happen
15. Greed is good
16. Burnt by the corps
17. Wintergreen, Corp Mage rival
18. Coffe Man and Mr Porter who runs Huntsman executive suit shop
20. Knowledge

Oliver Spectre

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