Shadowrun Seattle By Night

I Should Have Listened...

That whole thing about bad luck following you..? The flop got hit by another extremist group, and the short version is we landed a job looking into the connections.
A hand full of extremist humanist groups start showing up with ,military grade weapons and doing some serious damage.
After a meeting with Madam Pyro or at Dante’s Inferno, we got a little more information on the various gangs and their structure and leaders. So far, the finger is pointing at some issues between the existing security forces and the ones that would like the job.
A shipment of weapons walked from a police station, and a sergeant graham just happened to once work for the opposition…

No One Told Me...

Bad things come in threes…

So we landed a job on the back of Tuskville getting hit by a group of white supremacists. We were tasked with getting some much needed medical supplies and surgical equipment. So we hit a soft target to begin with, a Saint Johns training facility, where we thought they may keep a number of medical kits for consumer purchase.
That part went well enough, but for future reference, the site we hot contained one room surrounded by wards. The next part was hitting a ripper doc in the slums with a penchant for selling narcotics. We got hit up a little, and lost the Drone, ut came out of it with some gear and the surgical bed that as needed.
More to follow

In Media Res
Shit hitting the fan 101

This game began with a bang.
A missile strikes the road, sending the car the crew have careening off the road into a high end dress shop. Assassins trying to get the group’s principle.

Skipping all that intro stuff, 4 strangers came together to do a job and knowing only the barest essentials about each other were forced to work together. As imagined this had limited success.

The purpose of this was to create an example by which 4 people who did not know the rules were able to engage in an up front combat situation to learn by doing.

The encounter went well and the party escaped using their diverse range of skills.

Next week, proper introductions.

As the game goes on. players are encouraged to come here and add their own perspectives to the Adventure logs.

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